Dental Office Manager - What Are They and Their Functions?

January 3, 2023

If you want to run a successful dental practice, a group of committed employees working toward a single objective is imperative. This staff must be dependable for the practicing dentists to accomplish their jobs well. To achieve this, the personnel must be under the direction of a dental practice manager. The many advantages that the right management may provide are lost if you run a practice without one. Let's examine the benefits of having an office manager, why you need one, and what to look for in potential candidates.

two smiling dental practice managers

What is a Dental Office Manager?

All administrative tasks in a dental office are supported and overseen by a dental office manager. The management of staff meetings, employee scheduling, office budgets, and monthly payroll falls within their functions. A manager can identify areas for improvement and knows what has to be done to address such areas.

For you and your workers, a manager should provide strong organizational skill development and training in best management practices. They also evaluate your practice's finances and marketing strategies, offering recommendations for improvement.

Why Do I Need a Manager?

That’s one of the most common doubts. Any type of dental office, whether it is a solo practitioner practice or a group practice, might benefit from having an office manager.

A dental office manager ties you to the team rather than placing a barrier between you and them. The majority of dentists actually enjoy working on the clinical aspect of dentistry, so they can really free you up to do that. With an office manager, you can completely concentrate on your patients because you won't need to worry about the day-to-day administrative responsibilities on such a precise level.

The Role of a Dental Office Manager

The job of office manager in a dental practice has expanded to include a wide range of responsibilities. Your practice's business aspects can be handled by a dental office manager. Everything from managing or assisting with scheduling, collections, patient financing, or even inventory to profit and loss statements.  

Many businesses and even dentists check to see if office managers have the expertise to assist in determining whether the practice needs new items of equipment. An office manager could also work in human resources or marketing.

A function as broad as an office manager's might become the focal point of the entire firm.

Nobody sends you a manual telling you that you now need to be an HR professional or an insurance specialist; you attend dental school because becoming a dentist is what you want to do. An office manager can take on the role of an ally for you and the business, help you with some of these responsibilities, and enable you to be the dentist you've always wanted to be.

dental office of a dentist who hired a dental practice manager

Do You Need a Dental Practice Manager? Call Us

Working with you, a dental practice manager with the appropriate training and experience for your dental business will put the functional puzzle pieces together. You and your dental office will improve in the areas required to proceed in the direction of growth and success with the correct analysis and thorough answers, and it will continue to develop in all aspects, leaving you as the expert in dentistry to focus solely on that part of the job. If you’re ready to grow, give us a call.