Our Why

We started our business knowing we had a gift to share. There is a stigma in the dental field that consultants are stuffy and want to squeeze every client into their cookie-cutter ideal of what a dental practice should be and then keep them in perpetuity, whether they needed consulting or not.

We wanted to change the landscape. We created The Dental Practice Management Agency years ago after 25+ years in the dental field and what we knew is we wanted to be us! From there we set forth to surround ourselves with the best dental entrepreneurs this field had to offer. We now have a mighty team of consultants in our “Wolf Pack”, by our side.

Our team represents every position in the dental field. Within the first six months of client engagement, our department specialists work hand in hand with the dental team to create customized systems.

On any given day, we are laughing, crying, dancing, and most importantly growing alongside of our clients who quickly become family. We encourage our team and clients to be themselves and let their vision lead them to the success they desire.

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