Your Trusted Dental Practice Management Consultant

As a leading provider of dental practice management consulting services, The Dental Practice Management Agency understands the unique challenges and opportunities dentists and dental practice owners face. Our team of experienced consultants specializes in helping you navigate the complexities of the ever-changing dental field, streamline your systems, and position your practice for long-term success.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Dental Practice

Drawing from years of hands-on experience and industry expertise, our dental practice management agency offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to your specific needs:

Financial Management and Accounting

  • Financial analysis and reporting
  • Embezzlement proofing your business
  • Admin Training and Systems overhaul

Operational Optimization

  • Department process streamlining
  • Team training and development
  • Creating a culture of accountability

Growth Strategies

  • Patient acquisition and retention
  • Practice expansion planning
  • Efficiency Training

Personalized Approach for Measurable Results

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the dental practice landscape, enabling us to identify areas for improvement and develop practical strategies that align with your goals and vision. Whether you're seeking to enhance profitability, improve patient experiences, establish a strong competitive advantage, or all of the above, our team of experienced consultants has the knowledge and resources to support you every step of the way.

We take pride in our ability to deliver customized solutions that address the unique needs of your dental practice. Our consultants work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and aspirations, ensuring our recommendations are tailored to your individual circumstances.

Don't let the complexities of dental practice management hold you back. Partner with The Dental Practice Management Agency and experience the benefits of working with experienced dental practice management consultants dedicated to your success.

Contact us today to learn how our services can help you unlock the full potential of your dental practice.

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I cannot begin to put into words what Amy has done for my business and my personal life. She has provided me the perfect work-life balance so that my business is still excelling and I am able to spend quality time with my daughter without worrying about my office. My entire team adores her because of the positive structure she provides, and this is not easily said about most business coaches. Amy has my business producing more than four times what it used to. I am kicking myself for not hiring her sooner! She helps in all aspects of my business and has helped me grow as a business owner as well as personally. Amy will forever be a part of our team. Whenever there is an issue in the practice, Amy is always a phone call away and ready with a solution.
Angelica Seto, DDS
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So it took me a little longer to compose this than I initially thought. When I sat down to write about what Chris and Marissa meant to my business, I had a hard time coming up with the words. When I thought about what they meant to ME, it was simple. These women have been truly instrumental in not only my financial success, but in my development as a business owner, dentist, coworker, friend, wife and mother. The tools and guidance that they have provided have allowed me to grow into the person that I have always wanted to be but was never able to accurately portray. Their knowledge, honesty, experience and insight have transformed the cumbersome, antiquated practice that I purchased 3 years ago into a profitable, welcoming and enjoyable practice. I have increased my annual collections nearly 60% in less than 3 years and have truly learned how to work smart, not hard. They have helped me navigate this storm that is COVID and all of the anxiety and fear that comes along with the unknown. I feel as though I am now equipped to handle anything that comes my way.
Chelsea Barr, DMD
I am incredibly happy in my office and it's 100% a result of Chris and Marissa. They have made my life and the lives of everyone in our practice better having worked with them.
Chris Macri, DDS
This has done absolutely transformational things for my office. I couldn’t be more grateful to Marissa and everyone else I’ve been fortunate enough to work with!! Thank you!!
Grace Rudersdorf, DDS
Marissa Nicholson has been the best resource that we could have ever chosen for practice growth.  We were in the midst of a practice transition; two associates buying out the senior dentist. We felt someone experienced could add tremendous value to the transition in terms of direction, team buy-in and office culture development. She has done this in spades. She has given us the tools necessary to take a good practice to a great one, from a patient AND team perspective. We were blessed with a dental practice that had a great foundation, but needed to elevate itself in terms of technology, workflow and team dynamics.  Our team was disjointed in that we had a mix of experienced team members and newly hired ones. Similar work ethics but varied personalities.Marissa helped improve our processes, systems, and gave us input on budgeting and other future planning ideas. An ideal office culture was planned with the whole team and implemented using a set of 5 core principles everyone agreed to follow. We had the right people in the right seats on the bus and this was all thanks to Marissa and the hard work of the team. Once the culture was strong and our direction set, other pieces fell into place. Accounts receivable under control, systems ironed out and a budget created and followed.Above being a trusted source for the office, we feel comfortable saying Marissa is a friend and one of the most pleasant, hard-working people we have come across.  To not have her be a part of a practice or a team would be one of the biggest mistakes a company could make.
Ryan Baller, DDS & Jordan Wineland, DDS
I am so happy that my team talked me into working with Chris and Marissa, as otherwise I would have remained an old codger who believed that every consultant and dental executive has a cookbook and is determined to fit my office into one page or another. Not the case! I have been blown away at the success and overall team mindedness that they have led us to. They are family now and we would never dream of having a day in dentistry without them.
Pat Prendergast, DDS
Chris and Marissa don't just help with management, although I use them for this quite often.  They are so much more!  They are a mighty team of two that work so well together and watching them inspires others to want and achieve that same level of cohesiveness in the work place.  They have always brought creative suggestions and solutions to road blocks within the office. But the training I’ve received from them goes beyond the office door and I have carried their words and work into growing myself and my family life as well.  I cannot recommend Chris and Marissa  highly enough to help grow and keep a practice successful.  They are a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and heart and soul.  They will make you better than you thought you could be.
Barb Forgey, Office Manager