The Dental Practice Management Agency 


“So it took me a little longer to compose this than I initially thought. When I sat down to write about what Chris and Marissa meant to my business, I had a hard time coming up with the words. When I thought about what they meant to ME, it was simple. These women have been truly instrumental in not only my financial success, but in my development as a business owner, dentist, coworker, friend, wife and mother. The tools and guidance that they have provided have allowed me to grow into the person that I have always wanted to be but was never able to accurately portray. Their knowledge, honesty, experience and insight have transformed the cumbersome, antiquated practice that I purchased 3 years ago into a profitable, welcoming and enjoyable practice. I have increased my annual collections nearly 60% in less than 3 years and have truly learned how to work smart, not hard. They have helped me navigate this storm that is COVID and all of the anxiety and fear that comes along with the unknown. I feel as though I am now equipped to handle anything that comes my way.”

Chelsea Barr, DMD