Changing Dentists: What Drives a Patient to Make That Choice?

March 13, 2023

Today's customers are the hardest to please. They’re more demanding, more price-conscious, less likely to forget, and have more offers from competitors. Therefore, having loyal customers is a big challenge. Companies committed to customers have good dental management consulting and know that they experience greater increases in turnover and profits. Since this is the key to the success of your dental practice, we are going to analyze the reasons that lead a patient to change dentists for you to pay attention and avoid them.

Why Can a Patient Lose Confidence in His or Her Dentist?

Once a patient decides to have treatment at a dental clinic, they have placed their trust in it. When they change clinics it’s because they have lost that trust. This can be due to several reasons:

The Final Result of The Treatment is Not What Was Expected

When presenting the treatment, the information given to the patient should be complete, including the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment.  You should not generate false expectations. You must make sure that the patient has understood all the explanations of the diagnosis and treatment. This is essential to improve the customer’s experience.

The Cost of The Treatment Becomes More Expensive During the Execution Process

During the course of the treatment, changes may occur. If you start a treatment that you know may be pricier at the end, it’s important that the patient is aware of this from minute one.  There must also be a clear communication of why these modifications will take place and what treatment options will be the subsequent ones with the corresponding cost.

Constant Changes in the Professionals of The Center

The dentist-patient and staff-patient relationship is essential in order to establish the trust necessary to obtain patient’s collaboration during treatment, as well as their trust. This relationship should be established from the first minute of the patient's arrival. Constantly changing professionals causes the loss of the emotional bond established between the two and therefore the loss of trust.

It Takes Months to Get an Appointment

Pre-appointing six months in advance makes your schedule appear busier than it actually is. Many patients with appointments will either forget or never show up. This not only makes it difficult to book patients who truly want treatment, but it also leaves your scheduling coordinator scrambling to cover the gaps left by these missed appointments.

It’s easy to lose patients like this. They think you don't care about them and don't appreciate their business. Even the most devoted patients may put up with this once or twice before beginning their search for a dentist with a more accommodating schedule.

The Atmosphere in the Office is Unwelcoming

Although dental offices can feel scary, your business can still manage to make it look more welcoming. Being likable has great power. Be considerate. Be charming. Consider the decor as well; how would you feel if this were your first visit? Even something as basic as providing coffee or tea in the waiting area makes a statement. Does it appear chilly or warm? Take this into consideration.

Looking for Dental Management Consulting Services?

Working together with consulting experts in the dental management area can help you optimize processes that will in turn benefit your patient’s experience while you, as the owner of the clinic, focus on providing an optimum dental service. Call us at The Dental Practice Management Agency to know more about how we can help you.